Ohio Nature Photography Bill Heban

    Hello, and welcome to my website:
    I am a life-long Ohio resident, and as the name of my site implies, nearly all photos on this site were taken in Ohio. The single exception is the gallery titled Howell Conference and Nature Center, in Howell, Michigan.
    I've had a life-long fascination with the earth sciences and the beauty of nature and wildlife, but didn't become serious with photographing what I enjoyed until purchasing my first digital SLR in 2003. Photography remains as a hobby that I enjoy on weekends and days off from my full time employment.
    A real bonus has been providing photos in support of the efforts of non-profits and conservation-minded organizations.
    I hope you like my work, and If you are interested in any of the material on my site, please feel free to contact me at:

    Bill Heban
    phone: 419-666-3620
    mobile: 419-341-9034